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Oct 31

You’re not helping.

I was so ecstatic yesterday.  I finally got to write a post about how both candidates deserved praise.  Mitt was going to focus on relief efforts rather than campaigning for the day and Obama was leaving the campaign trail to manage a national emergency, like the President should.

Then Romney had to go and ruin it.  After promising not to campaign on Tuesday, he held “victory rallies” where there was supposed to be relief events.  There’s a certain political dishonesty when someone holds a victory rally in a state in which he’s trailing by 2.4 points.  This caused the media to hammer Romney some more, not what he wants after his Jeep ad backfired.

And while his heart was likely in the right place, by collecting canned goods Mitt Romney was actually hurting the Red Cross’s efforts.  This caused the Red Cross to announce on its web site

Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

So whether it’s Mitt Romney “helping” with hurricane relief or Paul Ryan “helping” wash clean dishes, these guys are shooting themselves in the foot if their message is “we know how to help America.”


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