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Nov 14

Dick Morris makes more excuses.

I can’t resist!  I can’t fight it!  I have to keep piling on Dick Morris.  The guy couldn’t predict that the sun will rise in the East.  He’s the most egregiously inaccurate pundit on the planet.  When I was making my predictions (almost all of which turned out to be right, by the way), I had people sending me Morris’ stuff citing him as an expert.  Yeah..

Here he is saying that Romney would win in a landslide.

And here are all his tweets I dug up from the night of the election.  Note the steady descent into desperation.

So…McCain lost by 7 to Obama in 2008. So… if Romney wins the early returns by 9 or more, he should be winning he natl

Obama only carried women in Virginia by 5 pts. not enough fo rhim

interesting data for Ohio. Among counties that voted for Obama and Kerry, absentee and early votes dropped 4.2% In

in counties in Ohio that split Dem in 208 Repub in 04, absentees were up by 2%. In Repub 08 and Repub 04, they rose by 14%.

worried that Obama is 3 up in Florida with 28% counted. Romney cannot win without Florida

disregard previous tweet. The data from 28% in is from early voting. Should be Dem. Don’t worry

romney pulls ahead in Fla 51-49 with half in. Important!

Fox news is saying that the exit polls show a high minority turnout. but that is based on weighting rather than real data

so far I see nothing to disabuse me of the notion that Romney will win by a lot. Nothing to confirm it either

Romney could win Fla by 5-8, enough for a natioal bg win

it is of concern that Romney is 3 behind in Florida with 56% of the vote in

with 1/3 in, Romney is 12 ahead. Could be a very big win. Expected to go Romneyby 5 if more, could be big win

60% of Florida in, down by 2. worried

catching up in Fla. Good lead in Virginia

Romney tied up Florida

Obama ahead by 1 in Fla with 72% in. Scary

Virginia looks solid but Fla and and NC are too close

bad news big time a call for Pennsylvania to go for Obama. But there is still Ohio and Wisconsin (and Minnesota)

I bet that they will eat their words on Pennsylvania on both senate and president

Virginia closing only 4 Romney ahead

Romney moving ahead in Florida. Fox calls House for Republicans may pick up seats

wixonsin to Obama could be the ball game. we can still win with Ohio. I really hate calling Pa and Wisc so early and easy

I think they are calling states way to soon. Stick around and watch the actual vote counts in Penn and Wisc

Virginia looks good up by 4 with 3/4 counted

Colorado is bad while closing we are 4 down with hallf counted.

can afford to lose Col and NH and still win if we win Fla, Va, NC, and Ohio

ur path to the nomination is not blocked as long as we do not lose Ohio, NC, Fla, and Va

if we win Fla, NC, Va, Ohio and Iowa and lose Nevada and Colorado, it is a tie 270-270 and we win it in the House

Florida seems frozen in the vote count at 86% of the vote

will someone please count the damn votes!!

If we lose NH, Col, Iowa, and Nevada, we lose even if we carry Ohio and Fla

we really could win Fla, Ohio, NC, Va, and Col and win the ellection

watch Colorado. If we win Fla and Ohio and Va it will come down to Colorado

Florida just closed to a 18,000 Obama lead It had been 50,000. Looks better

Ohio closed well from a big marfgin in early voting to a 2 pt obama lead with still 1/3 left to count. good sign

It may all come down to Col

dont give up!

That was at about 10:45, after which his twitter went conspicuously silent.

Well, the other day he re-emerged to make his excuses.

I’ve got egg on my face. I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker.

A squeaker, you say?  When Morris predicted Romney would take it with 325 electoral college votes, he called it a landslide.  However, when Obama finished with 332 electoral college votes, it’s a squeaker.

But the more proximate cause of my error was that I did not take full account of the impact of hurricane Sandy and of Governor Chris Christie’s bipartisan march through New Jersey arm in arm with President Obama. Not to mention Christe’s fawning promotion of Obama’s presidential leadership.

It made all the difference.

Because the exit polls will undoubtedly show three million people (the difference in the popular vote) who were all primed to vote Romney and changed their minds when Chris Christie rightly told the truth about how Obama was handling a national emergency.  It can’t be that Dick Morris is a bumbling idiot.


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