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Jan 28

No, you’re nothing like Martin Luther King.

It’s bad enough that everybody opposed to any and all gun regulations, regardless of the fact that nobody wants to take all guns away, are now claiming to be twins of Martin Luther King…who was shot to death.  Now the anti-contraception crowd is doing it.

Cuccinelli was asked Monday about the controversy on The John Fredericks Show, a conservative talk show in Virginia. He was shocked Democrats would raise the issue, casting the battle as a struggle for rights rather than an attack on contraception.

“Whenever I talk about religious liberty, you know they turn it around. All they talk about -they don’t talk about denying religious liberty. They talk about contraception. And I’m not talking about contraception. Government doesn’t have a role in contraception,” Cuccinelli told the radio show. “Government does have a role in protecting your civil rights especially today on MLK Day. The man who really came up with the American non-violent protest theory of civil disobedience. It’s pretty egregious that they can’t get any higher than contraception when we’re talking about protecting people’s religious liberty.”

Ok, this is ridiculous on so many levels.  First, you don’t get religious exemptions to the law just because they’re your religion.  If you had a religious belief that your employees should work 60 hour weeks before receiving overtime pay, you couldn’t just dodge the law which all other businesses must obey.

Second, your business doesn’t have to do anything different.  The policies your employees have are exactly the same.  It’s the insurance companies that must provide a separate rider to cover contraception to the employees of those companies, ensuring that they have access to family planning services.

Do you know who isn’t pitching a fit about this?  It’s the insurance companies.  Because contraception greatly reduces the cost of health care for the insured.  It’s much, much cheaper to provide birth control coverage than to cover the cost of pre-natal and post-natal care and the cost of health care for the child for the next 26 years.

What’s more, MLK was an advocate of contraceptive care.  In 1966, he even received an award from Planned Parenthood for crying out loud.

And as far as religious liberty goes, that’s a two-way street.  Why is it an employer’s religious liberty to impose their religious views on birth control on their employee (see the 60 hour work week thought above)?  Religious liberty for the employer, not for the employee…that type of inequality is deadly to a business.  You want the people in this country to stop hating the job-makers?  Then you have to treat them like they’re important, and that their lives mean something to you.


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